@ Private Industry Guest Speaker, Ohio


In this talk, we navigate the confluence of AI and materials science, addressing the transformative role of data. We begin by dissecting AI, elucidating its functionality and untapped potential for revolutionizing the way we approach materials science, especially within the rubber industry.

We emphasize the significance of an 'Ever-Evolving Expert System' - a continuously adaptive AI system. Acting as a dynamic repository of knowledge, it augments human capabilities and consolidates wisdom from diverse data sources.

This discussion aims to highlight the synergies between AI and materials science, promoting a future where the physical world and digital innovation coalesce seamlessly. From atoms to algorithms, we are on the precipice of a new era in materials science.


Zak Kohler

  • Chemical Engineer (University of Akron)
  • Programming for >20 years
  • Led Predictive Analytics and Citizen Development for 5 years at Cooper Tires
  • Presented at 5+ conferences since 2015 on Predictive Analytics and more

Consulting experience

  • Stanford Biomedical Research Lab
  • Semiconductor startup
  • Data Analytics for a company in manufacturing
  • Currently assisting with Predictive Lab Analytics at a Parker HPD