Purpose of this blog

The reason this site exists is to track and showcase my various projects. I value having an accurate timeline of when the projects were worked on more than when they were written about.

Use of dates

To have an accurate project timeline, I will make the date of an article be the date when a project or stage of a project was completed. So you can still know when an article was publish, I will use the last modified on field even for new articles. This not only ensures an accurate timeline, but it gives the opportunity to go back and curate past projects.

Young zak at the computer.

Zak circa 1995. Some things never change.

Historical stubs

For some historical projects I plan to just make a stub article and include a few photos. If there is interest in any one of them in particular I will update with more details. This can also just serve as an index for when I need to showcase my talents; I can elaborate on them in person.

Ohio LinuxFest 2019

Ohio LinuxFest 2019

Thanks for reading, and I hope I you have found something useful or entertaining here.

Central Ohio Python

Central Ohio Python, 2018